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    Our PADI, TDI and SDI Scuba Diving Instructors, can instruct you on:

    • PADI Recreational Diving Courses from Open Water to Dive Master
    • Course can also be conducted in English, Chinese, French and German. Other languages on request.
    We have a Live On Board (LOB) vessel that operates in Indonesia. You can view and book your leisure diving experience here.


    White Manta Diving (est. 1989) is a Singapore-based liveaboard company that started running trips to West Malaysian dive sites on the humble MV Vincent. Since then, White Manta Diving has thrived and developed into one of Singapore's best liveaboard companies. Since expanding our operation beyond Singapore we have introduced our guests to many world-class diving destinations within South-East Asia such as the Indonesian Archipelago, Thailand Andaman Sea, East and West Malaysia and beyond.
    Our fleet now consists of two vessels, our Flagship Luxury vessel KM Blue Manta & her well loved sister ship KM Raja Manta (formerly KM White Manta). Both boats are now based permanently in Indonesia offering world class diving in destinations such as Raja Ampat, Komodo, Banda Sea & Sangalaki.
    Fuss-free Diving As White Manta Diving was designed and built by divers for divers, we understand the need for a fuss-free diving experience. All of our crew, across both vessels, understand divers needs & expectations; you can expect a five star service whenever you dive with us both above & below the waves


    Alex Tan and his partner founded Fishermen Scuba Studio in 1989. Their decision for a diving agency was done purely out of love and enthusiasm for the sport. Their goal was to let everyone enjoy the benefits and fun of diving.
    Alex, who has 8 years of experience in military as well as commercial diving, served as the only scuba diving Instructor Trainer in the company during that time.
    Although diving is believed to be a dangerous hobby to adopt, Alex himself was determined to prove to everyone that accidents are usually being excessively emphasized and can be minimized if the diver is given quality training and mental uplifting throughout the entire process. Thus, fun can be enjoyed to the fullest while mishaps are practically reduced to none.
    For the first few years, response grew immensely and Fishermen's Headquarters gradually moved to a larger area at Katong Mall.
    People came not only as individuals but also from schools, clubs and organizations to enroll as Open Water Divers. Many amateur and professional divers soon grew attached to the dive centre.
    Plans to expand the Fishermen Scuba Studio network beyond Singapore were later initiated. Within a few years time, Fishermen Scuba Studio was established Asia-wide in Malaysia (Pulau Tioman and Aur), Thailand (Phuket) and Philippines (Cebu). These new Dive Centres' purpose is to manage the unceasing influx of foreign and local divers.
    Over the years, the agency had received numerous recognitions from various large organizations, especially the Scuba Schools International (SSI). One of the highest awards presented to Fishermen was the 200 DIVERS/ANNUM award, which signified that Fishermen had certified more than 200 divers annually. However, the exact amount far exceeded that as the actual quantity of Open Water Divers being certified for the past 3 years alone went beyond 2000 people!


    To share our passion for scuba diving and to facilitate, as well as provide divers worldwide with the safest and most enjoyable dive experience in some of Asia’s best dive sites. We will strive to provide the best service and opportunities to explore the marine world while protecting the undersea environment and marine life.


    A gracious fusion of diving comfort, succulent meals and awesome dive buddies – these equate to a weekend spent with us onboard MV Nautica. The long coach and ferry journey is a thing of the past. There will be no more discomfort of having to carry around heavy luggage and dive gear. After a tiring day of pure fun diving, it shall be a good choice of relaxing inside your cozy cabin or lazing around either at the Sun Deck or the open air dining area. And to top it all, there will be a parade of freshly prepared sumptuous buffet meals to power you up for the adventure filled 3D2N weekend trip onboard MV Nautica. Without a doubt, it is a leisure dive experience to be on every diver’s list.


    DiveRACE was born of a belief that learning to scuba dive should be an enjoyable journey. It is a name, we hope, would one day be synonymous with fun, adventure and enthusiasm for the sport of diving.
    DiveRACE – Diving is in our DNA. Anyone who loves to dive is one of us. It doesn’t matter where you hail from, what languages you speak - we’re all divers at heart!
    OUR MISSION To deliver professional, efficient and friendly scuba diving services to our customers. To guide and conduct scuba diving courses with safety as our priority, while ensuring the enjoyment of divers and students. To be among the top liveaboard operators in Southeast Asia.


    "Life is like a boat. Without water it serves no purpose"

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