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NONGSA TREASURE (3 hours 30 minutes) Rp. 1.861.200++
Re-mineralize your skin and improve the general condition of your metabolism. This massage will concentrate on stimulating
and relief your tight muscles with a blend of aromatherapy massage oils. Deluxe experience offering relaxation, renewal and
a deep moisturizing restorative treatment for nails and hands.

TURI BEAUTY (3 hours 30 minutes) Rp. 1.861.200++
Signature pampering treatment used for centuries in the Royal Indonesian Javanese Palaces drawing on Indonesian
traditional herbs and coloured spices scrub providing you with a glowing and silky skin followed by a thorough stimulation of
the soft tissues. Ultimate hand or foot care will end this relaxing, detoxifying and healing ritual.

SENSE OF TSPA (3 hours) Rp. 1.564.200++
A natural way to enhance and moisten your skin and decrease excess water weight from your body base with your favourite
body wrap. Improve blood circulation, rejuvenate and relax tight muscles with a full body massage and the inhalation of
Indonesia essential oils reaching a pleasurable emotional balance.

ROMANCE RETREAT (3 hours) Rp. 1.564.200++
A complete relaxing treatment to reconnect with your partner. Gently smooth away dry and rough skin. Experience a loving
touch through the experienced hands of your therapist to increases lymphatic and blood circulation. Continue your
indulgence with the ancient art of foot reflexology.

MIND AND SOUL REVIVAL (2 hours 30 mins) Rp. 1.366.200++
Moisturize your body and improve the texture and appearance of your skin. Release your tension and stress by increasing
oxygen flow and rejuvenating your muscles while your therapist stimulates your sensory system with traditional
aromatherapy massage oils.

LUXURY BLISS (2 hours 30 mins) Rp. 1.366.200++
Experience the benefits of a soft and smooth skin with an exfoliating premium scrub. Release the tension of your muscles and
increase your blood circulation with a nurturing oil or traditional massage.

RIANI INDULGENCE (2 hours) Rp. 1.168.200++
Indulge and treat yourself with a silky and nourishing skin treatment. Relax your joints and improve the tone of your muscles
while your toxins melt away. A rich blend of rare aromatherapy oils will leave your skin cleansed, refresh and toned. Invigorate
your entire body and reach a superior level of relaxation.

TIRTA OF TSPA (2 hours) Rp. 1.168.200++
A collection of localized shoulder and back massages created especially for golfers to relax the soft tissues and the tension of
your muscles while releasing entrapped nerves and restoring the body’s flow of energy. The perfect treat to unwind after a
challenging round of golf.

The above rates are quoted in Indonesian Rupiah subject to 10% service charge and 38.5% prevailing government taxes

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